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Is This Your Painful Reality?

Reasons to Consider Structural Integration


Are You in Chronic Pain or Suffering from Ongoing Illness? Feeling...

  • Afraid that medications are only masking real health problems; and wanting trusted alternative solutions that work and address root causes;

  • Frustrated with your primary provider's lack of knowledge about alternative care options, and

  • Confused, searching for alternative care options alone, and wanting quick easy access to better integrative care alternatives.

Are you Reactive or Proactive?

  • Do you wait until you hurt?  (Or worse, do you ignore that you hurt?)

  • Or are you supported in a preventative wellness program that ensures your body has what it needs in all its domains of self-care, identity, spirituality, structure, nutrition, exercise, relationship, emotions, thinking, creative self, coping self, and balance?  

Are You Stuck in a Story?
You might not be considering real options because we so easily get caught in cultural stories like...

  • "This is as good as it gets"

  • This must be part of "growing old"

  • "I am too old to..."

  • "I don't know how to..."

  • "My family always had this, and its genetic"

  • "I am not strong enough to..."

  • "I don't think I can afford to..."

  • "Its my karma"​​

and yet, wouldn't you want quick easy access to a way to see other possibilities?

Are You Falling Out of Balance due to Common Traps such as ...

  • Are you stressed, thinking, "There is never enough...(time or money)" to address my own needs?

  • Are you feeling guilt or shame, thinking, "My child / spouse needs the money"
    or "I am not worth it"
    or "I should tough it out" ?

    • and yet are you yearning to nurture yourself too, by being heard and supported?

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​Potential Benefits of Rolf Structural Integration (SI) include:

  • Reduce pain, stiffness, and stress;

  • Reduce or relieve backpain, including sciatica;

  • Reduce or relieve neck or shoulder pain, whiplash, frozen shoulder, & rotator cuff restrictions;

  • Reduce or relieve migraines, headaches, TMJ;

  • Reduce or relieve pain in hips, joints;

  • Reduce or relieve pain from Plantar fasciitis,  Shin splints, Tendinitis;

  • Reduce or relieve chronic pain from Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia;

  • Remove limitations of old injuries, habits, and chronic tensions;

  • Heal deeply at many levels;

  • Improve our body’s structural framework;

  • Improve posture and scoliosis patterns;

  • Improve range of motion and joint flexibility;

  • Increase athletic performance;

  • Reduce pain or recover from sports injury, tendinitis, tennis elbow;
  • Reduce chance of injury;

  • Reduce muscle cramping and pain of spasms;

  • Exercise and stretch weak, atrophied muscles;

  • Enhance immunity by increasing the flow rate of lymph;
  • Improve circulation;

  • Reduce post-surgery adhesions;

  • Trigger the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller, amino acids.

Reduce Pain, Stiffness, & Stress


Increase Your Energy
and Feel Younger

Are You Feeling Chronically Tired or Having Low Energy? Do you ...



  • Feel stressed without having much time to exercise or eat right,

    • and want a healthy body with less effort

  • Feel frustrated trying to be healthy and not getting desired results,

    • and want easy access to finding out what works

  • Feel confused searching for alternative care options alone,

    • and want help to learn about better wellness alternatives.

Are You Dreading Getting Older and Wanting to Feel Younger?


Consider the following:

"You are as old as you feel" has a truthful ring to it.  We don't like to think about aging unless confronted with the pain we attribute to it.  Yet consider you might be stuck in a story that, "Aging hurts."  What if our pain is really the result of ignorance or neglect that can be reversed? 

There is a lot to learn in this area, and you will want easy access to that information.