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We are blessed with many generous clients who are inspired to share their experience of structural integration at ASI.  Their testimonials allow others in our community to get a sense of what might be possible for themselves.  You are invited to peruse our list of original testimonials below (in the blue section), or click on the Booksy link (in the white section) for over 100 more recent testimonials that are independently gathered and verified by Booksy, for clients using our online booking system.

Testimonials Verified by Genbook
Newest Testimonials 2011 - Current Date
Original Testimonials 2004-2010
Original Testimonials 2004-2010
Full 10 Session Experience
No Pain After 30 Years
1st Day at Work Without Pain
Get Comfortable in Your Skin
I Can Walk Now
Fix the Root Cause of Stress
Be Relaxed and Energized
Reduced Headaches with Better Posture
Long-term Pain Reduced on 1st Visit
Surprised that Sessions are not painful
Enjoying each visit for years
Liberating Stuck Places
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