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Rolf Structural Integration is Holistic Complementary Alternative Healthcare

How does structural integration work with other holistic complementary alternative healthcare to help reduce pain stiffness and stress, increase energy, and encourage movement with grace and ease?​

Rolf Structural Integration (SI), does not replace, but will often enhance the effectiveness of your health care provider team. This might include medical doctors, osteopaths, orthodontists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and psychotherapists.

For example, chiropractic practitioners work with the joints of the body to restore motion, balance and healthy nerve function through a chiropractic adjustment. However, if the fascia has distorted the body and is restricting its' motion, then it will fight against changes the Chiropractic practitioner is seeking. When a patient simultaneously receives structural integration along with their adjustment program the body more readily receives the changes that the Chiropractic Practitioner is causing in skeletal alignment and function. This can result in a quicker and more lasting spinal correction.

SI is Holistic and Complentary

* * *
"Physical stress mirrors emotional suffering,
relief from physical constraint
markedly affects emotional misery."
Dr. Ida P. Rolf

* * *

Dr. Ida Rolf

While Structural Integration (SI) directly addresses the physical manifestations of stress by reducing chronic bodily tension, it becomes easier to feel emotions and other sensations. The emotional implications can be far reaching. As structural issues are confronted they sometimes surface with emotional content.

Chronic tension, traumatic injuries and experiences, distorted self image can all be manifested in posture and movement. As areas of shortened connective tissue are opened up so is the potential for repressed memories and feelings to surface.

Sometimes this happens during a session, but more often it happens between sessions as the release of tension spreads through the body. The increased ability to notice feelings and release of stored negative emotions can greatly accelerate progress in psychotherapy and meditation practice.

Structural Integration can be a powerful adjunct to the psychotherapy process. It can sometimes be used to help physical and sexual abuse survivors with post-traumatic stress disorder to come to terms with the past and reclaim their lives. (See relevant Testimonials)

SI Addresses Stress
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