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New Online Scheduling Service

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Delighted Clients Experience New Online Scheduling Service

Imagine no more phone or email tag.  In addition, no heavy day planners, and no stress. 

A few lucky delighted clients can now easily schedule, reschedule, and manage their own appointments and contact information online.  Access is easy.  Both participating collaborative providers and their clients can now easily access the new online scheduling service from either their desktop computer or phone.  Clients can also request automated email or sms text reminders of any appointment.

Provider members of the Conscious Health Collaborative (CHC) may now optionally share this collaborative online scheduling service.  With full provider members of our virtual clinic, we can subcontract this part of our business to be managed under our joint collaborative services umbrella.  Therefore provider participation in the new service requires full membership status.

Delighted clients and provider members experience new online scheduling service

Two CHC provider member owners, Asheville Structural Integration, and Ultimate Healing, are already participating.  Their existing clients see changes on their online scheduling calendars when clicking on the “Book Now” buttons of those websites via their computer or from their mobile phone.  Clients now have more convenient access to a more robust set of services through our integrated system.

Provider Members experience huge benefits.

No more phone or email tag, no heavy day planners, and no stress.  Providers also save time and money.  For the online scheduling service will maximize each schedule.  Therefore our collaborative providers manage our appointments, our business, and our staff online.  Online scheduling of resources, like rooms, equipment, or other requirements for each service is also available.  Intake forms can be automatically available online and customized for each service.  And the cost for all these great features is shared by every participating provider.  As more of us participate, the cost decreases, and the benefits to our clients increases.

In addition, real reviews from verified customers boost our reputation across the Web.  They also help us provide a higher level of service to our clients, who give us timely quality feedback.  Each review is periodically requested automatically by the service, at whatever customized frequency the providers set up.

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