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Transform Your Life With Structural Integration

Transform Your Life
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Reduce Pain,
Stiffness, Stress

Increase Your Energy

Be Ecstatically Alive!


Rolf Structural Integration & Integrative Bodywork Massage Therapy, 

For People In Pain and Everyone Who Wants More From Their Bodies, 

Because They Crave More Capacity to Live Life Fully!

  • Enjoy Greater Health and Well being by Improving Your Structural Framework

  • Experience Pain Relief that Lasts

  • Maximize Your Body’s Potential and Energy

Is This Your Painful Reality?

Boxed In?  Stuck?

Boxed In? Stuck?

Want a way out? Want different results?

Stressed? Tired?

Stressed? Tired?

Feeling stressed? Want more sleep, rest, peace?

Back Pain?

Back Pain?

Nagging? Hard to pin down the problem?

Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder Pain?

Conventional treatments not working?

Sciatic Pain?

Sciatic Pain?

Chronic? Is expensive surgery the only other option?

Chronic Headache?

Chronic Headache?

Is medication only masking the real problem?

Aging Too Fast?

Aging Too Fast?

Want to feel younger?

Do you feel you are limited, low on energy, aging too fast, or in too much pain? Do you have a poor body image? Do you feel you are doing just the best that you can do, and need to just make the best of it?  Consider that only a holistic health care synergistic approach, like structural integration, will get greater results. 

Or is the experience of pain, strain, stress, stiffness, fatigue, trauma, accident, or illness a significant part of your life? Are you stuck continually fixing illness or are you freely creating wellness?  Consider that you might discover, as I did, that much more might be possible in our experience in living in our bodies. You might learn, as I did, that your paradigm or "knowing" of what you can do in your body might not be in touch with your real potential.

Along with thousands of mothers, fathers, children, professionals, workers, dancers, yoga practitioners, and especially athletes…You just might be in for a real surprise…

How Jill Met Jack on the hill to transform life with Structural Integration.

[Awesome Animation]  Possibility Pictures presents How Jill met Jack on a hill (in WNC) to transform life with Structural Integration at Asheville Structural Integration in the big "hills" of the Western North Carolina mountains.  This fun animation suggests how to reduce pain, stiffness, stress, increase energy, and move freely with grace and ease.  Enjoy the benefits of structural integration Rolf bodywork therapy.  This is recommended for people in pain and everyone who wants more from their bodies, because they crave more capacity to live life fully!  Go see a structural integration practitioner, like Jack!  (See video below.)

Is This Your Painful Reality?
How Jill Meets Jack

Why have Pain?

Is it really necessary to have all of our pain?

When not caused by an obvious direct injury, many causes of pain, including back pain causes, are frequently related to a lack of interior space in our body’s framework, our biotensegrity system.  In this system, our bones provide the non-compressible struts in our framework that span space and are suspended in a myofascial webbing of muscles and fascia which provide the cohesive elastics (or cabling) of our body’s biotensegrity system.  


Over time, the elastics of our framework shrinks and becomes distorted, compromising the movement of parts inside it.  For example, if you built the framework of a house out of green wood, and it shrunk by only an inch, what would happen to the doors and windows in the house?  People’s height in a lifetime typically shrinks by an inch or more.  Consider what could that potentially be affecting?  One effect could be we experience pain, if the struts in our body (our bones) touch, instead of being fully suspended by the elastics (our myofascia).  Our organs, nerves and arteries could also get squished by a distorted framework that is not roomy enough.


Structural Integration (SI) directly expands and balances our myofascial biotensegrity framework to reclaim and balance the space necessary inside the framework for our parts to synergistically function properly.  And the results are long-term.  This is one of many reasons why the benefits of structural integration (SI) appear so diverse.  

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Potential Benefits of Rolf Structural Integration (SI)

  • Reduce pain, stiffness, and stress

  • Relief back pain 

  • Improve sciatica

  • Reduce limitations of old injuries, habits, and chronic tensions.

  • Heal deeply at many levels

  • Improve our body’s structural framework

  • Improve posture

  • Increase athletic performance

  • Improve range of motion and joint flexibility

  • Reduce chance of injury

  • Reduce muscle cramping and pain of spasms

  • Exercise and stretch weak, atrophied muscles

  • Enhance immunity by increasing the flow rate of lymph

  • Improve circulation

  • Reduce post-surgery adhesions

  • Trigger the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller, amino acids

Why Have Pain?
Potential Benefits of SI

Nationally GSI certified by the Guild for Structural Integration, the Original Rolf Method of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, is available in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Asheville Structural Integration has over 100 five star verified testimonials reflecting its clients' successes. Using a systemic approach to the body, Structural Integration provides an invaluable holistic health alternative in holistic massage therapy and healing bodywork.  Structural Integration promotes wellness, youthfulness, ease, grace, energy, stamina, self-confidence, transformation and personal growth.
Discover how Dr. Rolf rocked the medical field when she demonstrated the significance of our body's fascia.  Her recipe unlocked its power to transform our lives. This pioneer blended what she learned from eastern and western medicine, physical science, yoga, psychology, and the pragmatic application of her good feminine intuition, to impact the lives of thousands of people. She called her original work structural integration.

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Last Updated: 2020-11-04


"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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