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Stuck Fixing Illness or Freely Creating Wellness?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Temporary Fix or Real Change?

Do we pop a pill or learn to endure?

Do we pop a pill for a temporary fix, or learn to endure?  Or do we create a real change toward optimal health?
Do we pop a pill for a temporary fix, or learn to endure?

Sometimes traditional medical and alternative health care approaches provide a temporary fix to a local symptom quickly. (When they focus on the body's weakness, being a remedy targeted for a problematic illness or injury.)

But occasionally a symptom keeps returning or resurfaces in a different way. Why?

Because real change sometimes can only be achieved by addressing the whole system, by changing and integrating all of the overall structural relationships in the body. (This integrative holistic strategy builds on the body's strength's!)

An especially effective proven alternative therapy, called Structural Integration (SI), leverages our own body's natural healing process in just this way. It is a systemic methodology that moves our entire body from an "average" state toward an "optimal" state of health and well-being, which is our body's natural and normal condition. Structural Integration is holistic care with a preventative wellness approach.


Are You Energetic, Fit, and Flexible or Are You in Pain, Stress, or Fatigue?

This continuum line ranges from illness to wellness, (i.e. from disease, to poor health, to no symptoms in the comfort zone, to good health to optimal health).
Where Are You in this Illness Wellness Continuum?

Are You Stuck Continually Fixing Illness or

Are You Freely Creating Wellness?

Where are you in the Illness-Wellness Continuum?  It takes focused commitment and work to create a life of being energetic, fit, and flexible.  Don’t stop at just eliminating “dis-ease”.  Continue evolving and enjoy a life of amazing “ease”.

Pain, stress, or fatigue usually motivates people to initiate their first encounter with integrative holistic health care.  They are in poor health or the disease state of illness.  They typically are tired of temporary quick fixes, popping pills, or learning to endure their pain.  People stuck in this cycle of temporary results see symptoms reoccurring or resurfacing in different ways.  Symptoms often include pain, stress, stiffness, sluggishness, exhaustion, or aging.

Real change can sometimes only be experienced through a holistic health care approach to wellness that addresses both body and mind..  Integrative holistic health care addresses the whole system by improving the overall relationships within the body and mind to achieve wellness.


Are You Stuck in the Comfort Zone of the Illness-Wellness Continuum?

Feeling Stuck in Your Comfort Zone of the Illness-Wellness Continuum, just getting by?
Feeling Stuck in Your Comfort Zone Just Getting By?

When most people revisit our illness-wellness continuum they find themselves stuck in the middle.  Their comfort zone provides them with a sense of false wellness since they no longer have symptoms of illness.  Yet their nutrition and water intake is inconsistent.  They exercise sporadically.  They have high levels of stress.  For them, health has not been a high priority.  People get used to feeling okay, without pain.  Yet they forget what it feels like to feel really great, or they no longer expect it.  They no longer strive for a life that they love, full of joy and discovery, expansion and evolution.

Are you living your best life possible?  It is important to explore both your physical body and your emotional mental state.  Your body can give you clues as to what is going on in your mind.  This article will start with your body, and then explore your mind.

How Do You Feel in Your Body?

Are you feeling energetic, fit, and flexible?  Do you actively participate in a wellness lifestyle?  Or are you distracted, feeling resistance to being fully engaged and alive, and settling for “good enough”?  That could come in the form

Mouse freaking out asks why you feel it is stressed.
Why yes, I am a bit stressed. Why do you ask?

of occasional pain, stress, stiffness, sluggishness, exhaustion, aging, or prolonged unmotivated complacency.

What if you do not know how you feel?  You might be too numb to really feel anything.  Try moving, and explore where in your body do you feel numb?  Where in your body do you feel stuck, or with limited range of motion?  Then meditate for a moment (or sit quietly and observe inside).  Focus on what do you feel.  Where do you feel your body?  Where not?  Where do you feel stuck where energy does not flow through?  What do you sense you fear?  What do you love?  Be aware of every aspect of your inner self.

How do you you feel emotionally and mentally?

Our emotional and mental health affects, and is affected by, our body.  It is important to re-inventory and address both on your path to wellness.  At Asheville Structural Integration, we support and encourage your ability to heal and evolve in the following areas:

Man in mason jar feeling stuck, trapped, with no way out.
Feeling stuck? Trapped?

  • Are you feeling excited about prospering and growing?  How do you nurture yourself and expand your ability to receive?  How do you expand your ability to share your gifts?  How can you evolve?  Explore our educational resources at CHC.

  • Or are you feeling limited in some ways?

    • Are you feeling stuck?  What are your beliefs that limit you?  (We all have some.)  Are you stuck in the conversation, “This is good enough”?

    • Are you feeling bored?  What excites you?

    • Are you feeling negative, that everything is bad?  What do you fear?  Where is it not so bad?

    • Are you feeling isolated?

      • Feeling alone?  You can learn how to get support.

      • Feeling not heard?  We listen.  Share where you have been heard.  Where have you listened?  What did you hear?

    • Are you feeling stressed, or inadequate, or insignificant?  You are important to us at ASI.  We help you learn how to work together to build your potential.

    • Are you feeling it is hard to trust others?  Discover how we commit to a win/win solution to build trust.

By completing this inventory assessment, you might have a better idea about how we can better support you.  The process of Structural Integration at ASI will support you in evolving toward optimal health.


About the author, Jack Boyd, LMBT

Passionate about personal growth and transformation while evolving community, Jack is the owner of Asheville Structural Integration and co-founder of the Conscious Health Collaborative.

Jack’s professional career reflects his strong commitment to healthy personal growth and development, as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, and through other endeavors in teaching, athletic coaching, and personal life coaching with Landmark Education.





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