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Have no fear of Poison Ivy

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Got lots of Poison Ivy? Have no fear!

Have no fear of poison ivy, even if you are allergic to it.  This expert does an excellent job in describing how to avoid getting a rash from poison ivy, poison sumac, or poison oak.  I personally have done this, and it works.  I concur that the most important components are timely cleansing, scrubbing with an abrasive surface, and a good anti-greaser.  Thoroughness is also important.  The author recommends scrubbing three times.

This short five minute film effectively increases our awareness of all of the ways our skin can come in contact with poisonous urushiol oil from the plant.   It also emphasizes how necessary it is to be thorough. 

One question was not addressed.  How do you deal with inhaling urushiol oil in smoke from burning poison ivy in a brush fire?  Any ideas?

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